• Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    My husband and I tried out a few other martial art places for our two boys before we discovered Kaizen Dojo. Although other places were good at what they were promoting, they lacked the personal attention Kaizen Dojo provided.  Other places were crowded with kids and forced you to sign a year-long contract.  At Kaizen Dojo, Sensei William Ford and Sensei Rich provide a fun and entertaining environment not only for kids but for their parents. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for a martial arts program for your child. Not only will your gain self-defense skills but walk away with a sense of empowerment, confidence and high self-esteem.

    Jennifer M.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    It's been years since I've taken a self-defense class. Sensei Ford conducted his class differently which I enjoyed. The setting was very casual, friendly and relaxed. Everyone was very nice and supportive. We discussed freely our concerns and safety for our children and loved ones which were very informative and educational.

    Sensei Ford taught us some basic self-defense techniques. It wasn't difficult or strenuous but I have to admit I was a bit tired when I got home! LOL!!!

    I believe everyone at some point in their lives should take a self-defense class. It has built up my self-confidence in so many levels.

    Sensei Ford demonstrates self-defense in a non-violent manner and has a way of making everyone feel at ease. He is an excellent Sensei!

    Stop by Kaizen Dojo and check it out for yourself! 

    Carol T.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    I think everything has already been said.  Sensei Ford is the best teacher my daughter has ever had.  He is engaging,  patient, kind, and respectful of the kids.  Highly recommend this dojo!

    Jenny B.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    My son Ryan has been going to Kaizen Dojo for more than six years and has amazed me with all the different Kata's he has learned over the years.

    Even though Ryan has a physical handicap with his legs Sensei Ford has taken time to adapt the teaching to a form that he can perform and has continually encouraged him to work to the best of his ability.

    We are thankful for Sensei and his staff to work with him and assuring him that he can do anything if he puts in the effort.

    Akira F.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    Great space, and welcoming, knowledgeable and inviting instructors and students!

    Rob S.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    6 months ago, I was looking for an activity that would be both educational and fun for my 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son.

    I came across Sensei William Ford's Kaizen Dojo in Torrance. 

    I really appreciate Sensei Ford's "organic" style of teaching, which is down to earth, caring and warm.

    He's very good at capturing all the children's attention (with humor and subtle firmness), while still taking time to talk to each child one on one.

    He also understands that each child learns at a different pace and caters to different needs while keeping the class on point throughout each lesson.

    You can see and feel the genuine desire (from all of the instructors at Kaizen Dojo) to teach the children the discipline of karate, as well as making the learning experience fun, engaging and educational.

    I would highly recommend Kaizen Dojo and Sensei William Ford to anyone seeking to have their children involved in the martial arts. It helps them to focus, teaches them discipline, and builds their confidence that will carry over into their everyday life.

    Daisy K.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    Sensei Chris and Semapi Rich are absolutely amazing. They take the time to work with each individual and never make you feel excluded or left behind. I would never take a karate class at any other dojo. It's been quite a few years since I've been able to take a class with them and I would only come back here, they really are that good!

    Kari B.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    Sensei Ford and staff are knowledgeable, courteous and beyond competent in the Arts. His countenance and character trickle down to the staff. Good people who believe in improving the community within which they occupy. 

    If you're looking to introduce either yourself or children to grappling then speak with Sensei Jocelyn Chang she's adept in the art of Jiu-Jitsu and has an approach that would prove beneficial to both children and adults. Again good people who believe in improving their community.

    Stewart F.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    I have known Sensei William Ford since 1995. At that time he was already a 3rd-degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu karate. We trained together and he also had some students that he taught privately. I recently visited Kaizen dojo to see how Sensei William Ford's classes were going. 

    I am happy to say that Sensei Ford is now a 5th-degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu and attends annual seminars in different martial arts disciplines to broaden his knowledge base. He is open to all disciplines in martial arts and welcomes anyone that is willing to learn. He has a lot of karate kids that absolutely love coming to class! The parents are happy with their child's progress and some of them even consider taking classes themselves. 

    The people here are friendly and helpful. This is an "Ohana" dojo, with a very family oriented focus. Students are members of the same family or become close to their peers assimilating a family unit. Training is fun and challenging for all ages and levels.  

    Definitely a 5-star activity for the entire family!

    Kahea K.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    Sensei Ford is an incredible person who truly cares for others especially kids. You will not disappointed with quality and excellence of his teaching. He carries on the style and traditions of Sensei Rabago whom my sons studied under.

    Alan S.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    This is a great place to take Karate lessons. Our two kids have a great time and learn self defense at the same time. The instructors are great with the kids. Our son started and our daughter saw how much fun it was and wanted to take lessons as well. Highly recommend!!

    Bret W.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    I've had the pleasure of dropping in and out of Kaizen Dojo's classes run by Sensei Ford, and recently my own friend Sensei Anthony. I heard about Kaizen Dojo through Sensei Anthony as we were good college buddies when I travel down to visit him from time to time I always try my best to attend a Kaizen Dojo class! 

    Kaizen Dojo has an extremely welcoming and open environment, I always enjoy attending class and Sensei Ford has always been very welcoming! I actually train in a separate style from the Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu that Sensei Ford has extensive knowledge of, as a Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu practitioner it's always interesting to see the variation and differences between the two styles. Thankfully Sensei Ford has an open mind and can appreciate the differences in many martial arts styles, at the end of the day there is always something to be learned from any martial art! 

    I really enjoy the atmosphere of the dojo, whether you're a child or an adult there is always a class available to you and a sensei willing to teach you. I can not stress this enough: if you train at Kaizen Dojo you are truly lucky to be blessed with great knowledge, and great hours! I'm always envious of the regulars at the dojo, trust me having access to high-quality karate instruction and knowledge 6 days a week is something to be truly envious of!

    I highly recommend this dojo and if you've practiced a different style of martial arts don't shy away! Give a class a whirl and see for yourself if it's a good fit for you, your child, your sibling, your friend, or anyone! Trust me, I doubt you will be disappointed; if anything you'll walk away feeling empowered and motivated to start training!

    Nicholas S.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    Recently, I had an opportunity to visit the dojo and meet with Sensei William Ford. He has clean, spacious facility with changing rooms. His students learn and respect him. He teaches various martial art forms. He has earned the loyalty and respect of his mentors. He has donated his time and efforts to the community. If you are looking to learn and train in the Martial Arts, check out his dojo and take his classes.

    Americus A.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    Sensei Ford is a wonderful Teacher, he is kind, patient, playful but very disciplined.

    I really love the way he shows, teaches and explains to the kids, my Son has been going to his Dojo for about 5 months and he loves it.

    Genny F.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    Sensei Ford is very kind. It's a great place for kids to learn. All the senseis are great with the kids.

    Carolann C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    Outstanding instruction! Sensei Ford is amazing!  Children and adults get proper traditional instruction.  Classes are affordable and fun!  Definitely, the place to learn the art of karate-do!

    Janet G.
  • Kids Martial Arts Torrance

    This place is awesome and the instructors are not only great at what they do but are very caring and interested in their student's growth both physically and spiritually.

    Eric C.


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