Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Sensei Lynn Maeyama

Lynn received her 1st-degree black belt from Sensei Ford, one of his first students to be promoted to Sho-Dan. During her years of karate training, which began in 2000, she has acquired knowledge from several accomplished teachers. Her yin-yang philosophy of karate is the blend of physical power with spiritual awareness. Where each technique should be dynamic yet flowing and a martial artist should encompass the martial spirit. Otherwise, as she jokingly says, “Karate would just be a good skill to have if you are ever attacked by a stack of boards”.

As a Sensei, her teaching style is that of expectancy, not an expectation. Lynn feels that expectation is the basis of judgment and she doesn't believe that how high one kicks or how hard one punches determines one's value as a martial artist. Whereas, expectancy is attuned to the martial spirit, being faithful, respecting others, endeavoring to excel and refraining from violent behavior.

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