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Kaizen Dojo

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Our Expert Team

Our team is led by dedicated instructors who have spent decades learning the ins and outs of karate and other martial arts. In every class, you'll be surrounded by years of high-level experience, all with the goal of helping you learn one step at a time.

Our Core Values

We value the intersection of traditional martial arts values such as respect, humility, self-discipline, and self-control with modern-day self-defense training methods and strategies. Our dojo offers a combination of the two and helps you accomplish incredible things in just a short period of time.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to provide comprehensive coaching to men, women, and children of all ages and abilities. You don't need to be a pro to train with us. You don't need any experience at all. Just a dedication to yourself and a willingness to learn, grow, and improve.

Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a safe and supportive environment every time you come through our doors. At Kaizen Dojo, you don't have to worry about egos and intimidation. Our classes are perfect for everyone in Torrance and beyond.

Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Kids Martial Arts

Take on our Kids Martial Arts program in Torrance today and give your child the best chance to succeed in all aspects of life. We teach traditional Karate for students of all ages and abilities.

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Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Self Defense

Are you ready to learn effective self-defense skill AND enjoy a total-body workout? Then you've come to the right place. Join us in Torrance total for a training system like no other!

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Kids Martial Arts Torrance


Find an inner calm and total-body balance with our Yoga Classes in Torrance. We're proud to offer some of the best training in town and we're excited to work with men and women of all abilities.

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Why Is Kaizen Dojo Right For You?

Here's How We're Helping Students Of All Abilities Find Sustainable Success:

Hands-On Instruction in Torrance - Kaizen Dojo

Hands-On Instruction

At Kaizen, we're not a belt factory. We don't go through the motions. We're a team of dedicated martial artists that want to share our passion with you. From our beginning Kids classes to our advanced adult training, every student enjoy's comprehensive coaching.

Ongoing Motivation in Torrance - Kaizen Dojo

Ongoing Motivation

Martial Arts training is unique in many ways. But chief among its benefits is a progressive system of learning. We take you through a journey of instruction with new steps forward in every class. We're here to make sure you can train with comfort and confidence.

Community Mindset in Torrance - Kaizen Dojo

Community Mindset

Quite simply, Torrance is home. We grew up in this community and we're proud to be a part of it today. Our training is designed to span families and neighborhoods all across the area, making sure everyone feels welcome from day one.

Dedication To You in Torrance - Kaizen Dojo

Dedication To You

We’re dedicated to you, not because it means you'll come back week after week. We care about your success because we know what it has meant in our own lives. We want for you the joy and excitement martial arts training has given us.


What People Are Saying

Still need convincing? Check out what people are saying about us.

Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Jennifer M.

My husband and I tried out a few other martial art places for our two boys before we discovered Kaizen Dojo. Although other places were good at what they were promoting, they lacked the personal attention Kaizen Dojo provided. Other places were crowded with kids and forced you to sign a year-long ....

Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Carol T.

It's been years since I've taken a self-defense class. Sensei Ford conducted his class differently which I enjoyed. The setting was very casual, friendly and relaxed. Everyone was very nice and supportive. We discussed freely our concerns and safety for our children and loved ones which were very ....

Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Jenny B.

I think everything has already been said. Sensei Ford is the best teacher my daughter has ever had. He is engaging, patient, kind, and respectful of the kids. Highly recommend this dojo! ....

Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Akira F.

My son Ryan has been going to Kaizen Dojo for more than six years and has amazed me with all the different Kata's he has learned over the years. Even though Ryan has a physical handicap with his legs Sensei Ford has taken time to adapt the teaching to a form that he can perform and has ....

Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Rob S.

Great space, and welcoming, knowledgeable and inviting instructors and students! ....

Kids Martial Arts Torrance

Daisy K.

6 months ago, I was looking for an activity that would be both educational and fun for my 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. I came across Sensei William Ford's Kaizen Dojo in Torrance. I really appreciate Sensei Ford's "organic" style of teaching, which is down to earth, caring and warm. ....

Build Your Skills One Step At A Time!

Welcome to Kaizen Dojo, home to family-friendly martial arts training right here in Torrance. "Kaizen" is a Japanese word that means "continual improvement" which is the core of our philosophy. Our Mission is to educate, inspire, uplift, and empower our community through our teachings, our actions, and our “being-ness". Our Dojo is family-oriented and very kid friendly. And we have fun classes for beginning adults too! Join us today for better fitness, self-defense, and tons of fun!

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